Gubernatorial Pressure Pushes Powers Off The Air

January 27, 2007

In a move that amounts to an act of political censorship, Governor Martin O’Malley flexed his muscles this past week and successfully pressured Morgan State University and its “public” radio station – WEAA 88.9FM to indefinitely suspend The Powers Report from its airwaves.  The host of the Powers Report, Dr. Tyrone Powers, is a fearless activist and has often been highly critical of Martin O’Malley’s policies toward people of color in Baltimore.  While Powers is venerated by many grassroots people, he is abhorred by those in power for his passion to bring awareness to bad legislation, publicly challenge politicians and community misleaders, and unearth long forgotten documents that shed light on the true causes for Baltimore’s dilapidating condition.

Apparently, O’Malley’s successful excise of Powers came with the assistance and support of Kweisi Mfume.  Mfume was selected to serve on O’Malley’s transition team shortly after the election.  In a move to endear himself to the new governor, Mfume is said to have contacted Morgan State University’s president, Dr. Earl Richardson, to express his desire to have Powers either “water down” his show or be removed from the air.  Richardson would not be inclined to refuse this being that Mfume serves on MSU’s Board of Regents and was a former program director at WEAA.  [The call letters ironically stand for: We Educate African Americans]

I’m not surprised at all by O’Malley’s appetite for Powers’ head.  The message and information that Powers was providing to the community was directly in line with the honorable actions of my Ancestors who too were targeted by political leaders for harassment, persecution, prosecution, exile, or crucifixion.  Anyone who truly studies history is not surprised when ambitious White men in power attempt to castrate powerful African men who have the ability to galvanize the strength of African people toward the goal of liberation. 

However, I must say that I am seriously concerned by the alleged actions of Mr. Mfume.  As a former U.S. Congressman and past president of the NAACP, I gave Mfume a level of confidence that at this point I am reconsidering.  I had overlooked the allegations of sexual misconduct that have soiled his integrity with hopes that they were very rare lapses in judgement.  This latest allegation, however has moved me to a different place.  I must reclassify Kweisi Mfume as a man of questionable character with yet unsure motives.  This is the same man who eloquently explained how the enemies of African people sometimes employ the services of those who look “like us” to attack us.  I am disappointed to hear of his alleged involvement and baffled that he hasn’t been hitting the Black media outlets to denounce these allegations and defend his name.

While I believe that he has done things in the past in an attempt to support the African community and that he is a gifted orator; I fear that politics have corrupted him.  In the words of a dear mentor of mine, “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  Through his long and storied career, Mr. Mfume just may have developed an appetite and addiction to power that makes him as dangerous as a wounded animal.  He has my prayers. 

In regard to the Powers Report which normally airs on Tuesday evening from 6pm to 7pm on WEAA – there is an online petition being circulated to express support for Dr. Powers and the show.  For those wishing to contact him directly that option is available as well.

I close with a strong admonishment for those true lovers of African people and our collective desire for liberation to seek out and build independent media outlets to broadcast information.  This unfortunate situation should further reinforce our belief that as long as the infrastructure of our community is controlled by the enemies of our collective empowerment; then we will forever be subject to what others allow us to do and say to each other.  I’m trying to do my part by blogging and hosting an online video show, but we need a legion of bloggers, podcasters, reporters, journalists, and activists who have access to the tools of mass communication.  In this technological era, we have no excuse not to successfully engage the hurdles of isolation.  Don’t just read my blog, create your own blog, podcast, e-newsletter, booklet, video show, etc. and then let me know about it so that we can connect and together provide our people with life-saving information.  The scriptural passage is true: “Our people perish for lack of knowledge”. 

  • <![CDATA[Opal]]>

    It’s a shame however I’m not surprised. Mfume he has done things in the past (which rarely got too much attention) which has shown his true colors. I never supported him. I knew it was a political move when o’Malley added him to his transition team.

  • <![CDATA[Heber Brown, III]]>

    Check out Baltimore Sun Columnist, Gregory Kane’s piece on this situation:,1,1593535.column

  • <![CDATA[Jose Alfaro]]>

    As a guest speaker on Brother Powers show, I find It rather intersting that the last show that did air was the one my organization was a part of. It was a discussion of the “euro influence” among the Latino community and the actions Baltimore City minorities should take to empower our respective communities so that we may come together in comon intrest to fight the powers that be and help both the Latino and Black communities to unify. It is truly an example of modern day opression.

  • <![CDATA[Meredith]]>

    I am an…oops I was…an avid listener of Dr. Powers. Now that O’Massa has gotten him off the airwaves, he’s going to really take a sledgehammer to AAs in Bmore.

  • <![CDATA[David Anthony Wiggins©]]>

    What I find interesting is that the attorney filing the suit is an “officer of the court” that should know that the STATE OF MARYLAND is immune from any actions filed in its courts, hes hould also be aware that eventhough the Chief Justice of MARYLAND’s COURT OF APPEALS is a Negro, that Court will never address constitutional issues when this case goes to appeal.

    Every lawyer should know that Maryland Judges, Attorney General’s and Prosecutors construct and construe the law to the benefit of the State in such matters.

    I signed the petition however, I’m not deluded that Mr. Powers will prevail in this matter.

    The broader issue is de facto government (STATE OF MARYLAND) and acts of a criminal Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government with its ANNOTATED CODE OF MARYLAND vs. de jure government ( State of Maryland) and the Maryland Constitution and Maryland Declaration of Rights, which officers of the Court like O’Malley and every attorney in the Legislature, or Executive branch as members of MARYLAND’s JUDICIARY violate every day (Separation of Powers).

    The Maryland Constitution and Declaration of Rights do not apply to statutory persons created by legislative acts( ANNOTATED CODE OF MARYLAND) and only applies to those soveregin flesh and blood men and women who have become the holders in due course of their statutorily created “person”.

    When “TYRONE POWERS” v STATE OF MARYLAND is filed in a MARYLAND COURT there will be no justice to “Tyrone Powers”.

  • <![CDATA[Sonya]]>

    I never heard the station because I am Jersey but you know you have our support. What do you need us to do?

  • Bro Haki

    I always wondered why Dr. Powers had Mfume on his radio program two weeks straight along with Carl Stokes. Dr. Powers rather sly endorsement of Mfume “by allowing him to propogate his nothingness” was not appropiate during Mr. Mfume’s run for office. Mfume agreed to be on the air to manipulate the masses of black folk in Baltimore and Maryland on 88.9 to vote for Mfume. Mr. Mfume in my opinion is too closely connected/involved with the political machines. Interestingly, at a Major event in P.G. County i.e. The First Baptist Church of Glenarden, I was present along with Mfume, Steele, as well as Anthony Brown. The two key-note speakers were James Clingman as well as Dr. Claud Anderson. One spoke at lunch during one day the other during the second day. None of the so called “top elected” officials had the intelligence to stay to hear them speak. This was right before a major election. I realized from then that these negro’s are/were ignorant.

    Next, Dr. Powers need to check Jimmy Bell Esq. for his hypocrasy, This negro Attorney is attempting to silence Bro Muhammad from the radio from the pimps in the pulpit at Empowerment Temple.

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  • Christina

    Dr. Powers should consider podcasting. No one can take that away.

  • Heber Brown, III

    Great idea Christina! I’m hoping that those around him are throwing this idea at him. If not, I will email him with this suggestion.


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