Guest Opinion Editorial by Mr. Ted Smith

August 20, 2007

DISCLAIMER: The following opinion editorial was written by Mr. Ted Smith, a dedicated community activist and public servant who recently joined mayoral candidate, Delegate Jill Carter on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Lauren, an active drug corner. In her bid for mayor, Jill has been spending the night on some of Baltimore’s most dangerous corners in an effort to connect with community members who are most often overlooked and marginalized. I asked Ted to write about his experience. Enjoy!

Jill P. Carter: Harriet Tubman of our Times

I just left the mayoral forum at Empowerment Temple on Thursday 8/16.  Jill Carter said that she campaigned on some of the worst corners of Baltimore City from 10PM – 6AM.  That was the topic of discussion in my car on the way home.  Jill Carter became a newfound hero/role model for my eleven-year-old daughter.  I called Jill Carter’s campaign and I was informed that Friday’s all night campaign site was Pennsylvania Avenue and Laurens. Wow!  Wwwoooowww!!!

I could think of nothing else all day.  As I headed to this location, my heart was beating loud enough for me to hear.  I was scared to death.  The others that were with me were afraid as well my mentee, Cedric and my son.  Prayer gave us the courage to continue on. 

Finally, we reached the site.  Our eyes were wide open.  This is the liveliest campaign ever!  There were campaign signs out, music blasting, a grill burning, and food and drinks were being served.  This group had transformed Pennsylvania and Laurens from a death-like atmosphere to a lively one.  The campaign workers had fire!  They believed in Jill Carter down to the core.  Even though the campaign workers had fire, Jill Carter had the most fire.

Jill Carter is truly the most down to earth pulicly elected official ever created.  I saw her ennoble folks that even most churchgoers would look down upon.  She talked to both people that were sober and those that were clearly substance abused.  She listened to them tell their stories, share their hopes of the next mayor, or merely vent about what public officials were not doing. 

She LISTENED to the people and transformed their language. Voters that came to her talking about raising the minimum wage left her talking about deserving a living wage.  Voters that came to her complaining about what politicians do not do, left her with the guts to remove them from office.  People that were not registered to vote left her as registered voters.  To be quite honest, there were some young guys that said they were going to vote for her simply because she is gorgeous.  After all, she is more beautiful, more intelligent, and more ethical than Sheila Dixon. (Is there even a comparison?) 

Jill Carter has THE FIRE!  Even when her campaign workers wanted to leave around 4AM, she demanded that we stay till 6AM.  Her word is her bond!  She stayed for the remaining two hours despite the fact that she was visibly tired.  However, she continued to speak to people.  She was ever patient, listening, and feeling the pulse of the people.  Her words revived the pulse of a seemingly dead area. 

This area has the appearance of life.  After all, Pennsylvania Avenue never sleeps.  The Legends Carryout stayed open until 5AM and maintained a steady throng of customers.  Young people (middle school aged) were out till at least 2AM.  There were groups of high school females on Pennsylvania Avenue in the early AM hours trying to catch hacks.  Imagine!  We helped to transport them to their locations. 

This area reminded me of the valley of dry bones described in the Book of Ezekiel in the Bible.  The people are physically alive, but are described in the scriptures as basically being the walking dead.  The people are the “Black Zombies” described by Nas.  What has the church, the supposed repository of the Holy Spirit, done to revive the mentally and spiritually dead?  What have the political leaders done to resurrect the mentally and spiritually dead – give contracts to their sister? 

My daughter must have realized that I was in such an environment because she could not sleep.  She called me three times that night (early in the morning as well).  Not to worry!  I am in the midst of revolutionary spirits.  The revolutionary spirit of the Baltimore civil rights leader, Walter P. Carter, was in the midst.  The revolutionary spirit of Robert Clay was in the midst.  Jill Carter taught me that a revolutionary does not have to have an Angela Davis bush.  She might actually speak the King’s English.  As far as I’m concerned, Jill Carter may be the biggest revolutionary in Baltimore. 

  • Bro Haki

    Appreciate your analysis of Sista Jill Carter, She has been a tireless advocate on our peoples behalf. Contrary to some folk opinion i.e. those that always say that “We have to build consensus and coalitions”. This means in other words capitulate and sell out. We have enough sell out black leaders in Baltimore. Those that believe that we have to build a consensus are those that have no moral courage. Many politicians lack moral courage to stand independently in the face of advertisity and pressure. I for sure believe that more can be done and I look forward to a serious talk with Sista Jill on my mission and vision for Black Baltimore. It would be wise for us to know our powers and to know what walls we are fighting against. There are many ways to break down barriers and walls of injustice and history best rewards our research. I think we must have a dailogue on “What is a Revolution and What is Revolutionary of course?” Let us totally get out and reach for all those that say they are leaders. Sit down with EVERYONE and SEE where Everyone is coming from. Over the years I’ve sat down with just about everyone. From the street corner brothers to the Mayors, Business Leaders, Various Religious leaders. I’m now requesting and demanding to meet with higher level officials that have influence and power in Baltimore and the State of Maryland to look at strategies to empower the common/average Joe. This is missing, we must have an Empowerment Philosophy and we must create people that feel as though they have a stake in society. This means they must own something and produce. On the eve of Garvey’s birthday let us “Update” Garveys analysis, what is applicable? What is Practical and realistic? What about Nation Building? What about Industry? Where is the Black Man’s Wall-Mart? Where is the Black Man’s Wall Street? Where is the Black Man’s Microsoft? I say I will build them? Then Defend them! That is all. I appreciate Sista Jill she needs strong soldiers around her or as many have fallen short and given up and given in if she is threatened as the Power Structure has continued to threatened and intimidated strong voices into silence we want to ensure that if she is standing for what is right we can and will defend her position. It’s time for real leaders to step up. We need to study i.e. study our real black scholars. We must become serious students. I hope sista Jill Carter will reach out for more Black Leaders, I mean real black leaders.


  • chococat

    I like Jill Carter and all, but “Harriet Tubman of Our Times”?!

  • Nicole

    Thanks Ted and Heber! It really makes me happy to see Delegate Carter getting acknowledged for what she does. It is absolutely ridiculous that there has not been one single article in the Sun or even the Examiner, The Baltimore Times, or even the Afro about Jill Carter’s campaign. Then you have people like Doni Glover being overly critical and trying to marginalize her. Every day I am sickened by the wat the Sun puts all these photos and promotional stories about Keiffer “slippery fingers” Mitchell and his useless so-called plans and copy cat ideas. The man missused or allowed to be missused over $56,000 in his campaign funds, yet and still, they are treating like he’s the only alternative to Dixon. But, they won’t even write one single story about Jill.

    Yes chococat, she’s the Harriet Tubman of our times and the Sojourner Truth, and the Fannie Lou Hamer, and the Shirley Chisholm, and the Lena Lee, too. She’s also our ONLY current hope to bring any honesty to city government and end the corruption, incompetence, and cronyism.

  • Bro Haki

    My position as follows, Bro Ted before you left the Think Tank meeting yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak. I spoke of why haven’t some folk been at the Black Think Tank meeting before. Now, I could go on just like last time there was the Maryland Minority Business Association which was led by Mr. Robert Clay. Last election for Mayor some Candidates did not come to meet with these Business Leaders until they were running for office. This is not and was not leadership. I spoke recently of why some folk have not visited the Think Tank. I know some may not feel welcomed and I understand that, but we need bold leadership that is going to reach out for people anyway. The Black Think Tank which meets at “Everyone’s Place” bookstore sundays at 1 P.M. You know it is the bookstore on North Avenue that MOST Black folk aviod. I’m saying I do not endorse every practice of the Think Tank or anyone else for that matter though in terms of gathering knowledge with a Concerned, Active, Conscious group of Black folk in this city SOME folk should have come through at least ONE time over the past few years. Maybe some folk want to win elections as I speculate though If I must be honest the Real Revolutionaries are ingrained and rooted into our communities culture, conscious and in our history. This means they are studying as the business community would call best practices. If I must say I am impressed with some of the Candidates and certainly Sista Jill Stands above reproach, though if one wish to set a real example set up a Baltimore READS BLACK HISTORY Books and sleep out in front of Everyone’s Place. Maybe I’ll save that on for myself, though yes we need knowledge. I mean real knowledge which does not come from European Schools i.e. K through PH.D’s or HBCU’s that teach Black folk how to be a good worker and to get a good job working for white folk. Also I think that it is/was and should be imperative for Progressive Candidates to seek out the REAL Intelligencia not the Untalented Tenth Assimilationists/Integrationists Negro Leadership that we have that have no committment to institution a Pan Afrikanists Cultural Consciousness and Renaisance based on collective study of our TRUEST Black Leaders that have laid out the mature proper historic analysis. I say the work of Chancellor Williams, Amos Wilson, Claud Anderson, even Progressives like Ron Walters has somethings interesting to say. Jawanzaa Kunjufu, Haki Madhubuti. No offense, but when our Role Models are the Mitchells we are limited. Contrary to what some Half-Baked Progressives may have us believe. The Mitchell type Civil Rights Negro Leadership will only allow for us to reach a certain level. Voting in itself is Transitory and Limited. It is as some would call “Sometimey”. Especially when one does not have Institutional, Ideological, Resources think tanks to decimate intel and Consciously Educate our people towards True Freedom and Empowerment. We need more mature manly-womanly- humanly studies, research and analysis.

  • Genius Movement

    Chocolat, I know it might seem like a stretch to compare her to Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was more courageous than most if not all of the men of her time. Jill Carter is more courageous than most of the men of her time. I am around a lot of men that talk blackness, Africa, and the revolution. Most of them are JUST TALK! Most of them are scared of their own people and DO NOTHING to actually solve the problems plaguing black people. They are rhetorical revolutionaries. Real revolutionaries are in the streets. The real reason that some will not consider her a revolutionary or think that a comparison to Harriet Tubman is a stretch is because she is a politician. She is a politician that actually represents the people, which is very revolutionary nowadays. She fought against the underfunding of public schools, against the leaded water in schools, against illegal arrests, against the deregulation of electricity, for investigation of the Robert Clay, etc. She has stood against Martin O’Malley and Sheila Dixon face to face. She is what the young folks call “GANGSTA.” Most men would not go to Pennsylvania and Laurens during this time of the night. Most men are scared of the young thugs in the community. Brother Haki, I respect the Think Tank, but I think for the black men of Baltimore – We need an ACTION TANK. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of book reading, lecture going revolutionaries. Let’s take back the streets of Baltimore. Let us men stand up and be men. If this thing continues this way, it is our fault as the men of this city. To hell with all the talking and all the theories, as for me, I am in the streets. Where is brother Ted? In the streets. I am reaching out to the young people in Baltimore, resurrecting their minds. We have a 34.6% graduation rate and approaching a 300 homicide count and all the conscious men want to do is read books and make theories. LET’S PUT THE BOOKS DOWN AND HIT THE STREETS. Yeshua (Jesus) was the book (word) made flesh. He was word in action. I challenge every man to set your life against the judgement of Matthew 25:32-46. Peace.

  • Cedric

    I couldn’t agree with genius movement more. Todays revolutionaries are 200 % talk. The revolutionaries of old such as Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. only spoke about what they were about to do. “Our” favorite local black leaders only speak to inform. I have only seen a few put it to action! One of those people is Jill Carter. When you think of Harriet Tubman you think of a woman who really took the “role of a man.” She was the toughest around. Despite how many people may or may not have been down to escape she did what she had to to do. Being an individual out on the streets with this soldier was the most amazing thing ever. I think that being out on the street during the day time is a testimony in its own! BUT FROM 10pm TO 6am, IS UNHEARD OF! Name one politican that would walk on the street, especially when its non-profit! I have also never seen a politican more down to Earth than Jill Carter. Many people believed that Harriet Tubman carried a weapon to make her comfortable in her journeys. What weapon does Jill have? This woman speaks out against O’Malley and other high ranking officials. Who’s protecting her? If I had to bet my life, I would bet that she would be the only Mayoral candidate that would continue the fight for her people even if she doesn’t become Mayor. She is a revolutionary and the Harriet Tubman of our time!!!

  • Bro Haki

    Bro Genius Movement,

    We have to be in the streets as well as the suites though we have to TEACH! We can not teach unless we are learning and learned. The Think Tank has been in the streets. I personally have walked the streets with Solvivaz. I’ve been with both of these groups along with others for years. You will learn there is a fine balance between “Hitting the Streets” and studying strategy and tactics. No army go’s to battle without a battle plan. I say too many folk are out there “in the streets” without a full focused researched institution and Think Tank that discuss these issues fully. You will find that folk on the Think Tank are all unique and multi-talented. We come together to develop strategy as well as discuss important topics. Yes, We need more intellectual theory and if you know me you will know that I will and have taken to the streets and not just on election times. Again as far as hitting the streets you go there talking about having them give their lives to the lord if you want. After you awake after getting knocked over the head you may wish to study getting/creating employment for these brothers. There was a brother on the Bro. Nati’s show today speaking about Ex-Offenders, now Genius Movement this brother suggested that 89% of the Ex offenders offend due to lack of employment i.e. consistent employment. Now again you walk up to these brothers without being able to Educate/Re-educate/feed and employ with just the good lord and they will have you for lunch. I’ve learned of some good Ministers trying to do the right thing without a total awareness, historic, political, economic, cultural understandings to implement an effective outreach and strategy. I’m saying this having on Dr. King shirts telling black folk to stop sinning or anything like that does not cut it. Either you make them into Revolutionaries and/or teach them how to develop the necessary job/career/attitudual/entrepreneur/financial literacy and budgeting/values to build proper character and desire to escape poverty and criminal nature. I’m not trying to be sarcastic about the Dr. King Shirts or the Stop Sinning Campaign, I’m simply saying there needs to be more focus on getting and keeping folk gainfully employed. That is my mission and objective other than that I/We have to build up our security and self defense awareness to protect ourselves from these same “Brothers”. Oh yes, Not everyone is going to be so loving, forgiving and repenting, you better protect yourself on these streets or as many folk who have a jail mentality will use you up and then set you up. Keep a balance brother or sista.
    Bro Cedric, What is it that you want to see? I’m curious? I tell you what you give me a call. You should have my # I will leave it if necessary. Do not unless you know ME and the REAL work that I am doing do not LABEL all black folk as talk. Of course you are entitled to your opinion though and of course I respect Sista Jill so its not about that, but you do not have to suggest that someone is 200% talk. What would you like to see and I can tell you what I’d like to see done and heard? Yes, I think some other things can be said and done from a lot of people. Yes, I have much critiques for everyone. I don’t think Koreans should be allowed to make money off of black people. Many people do not address this. Yes and I do act to do something about it.

  • Brother Cedric

    First I wanna thank you Minister Brown III for the opportunity to speak my mind without any restrictions. Next I wanna say that my writings aren’t direct shots at any individual, however it’s intentions are to offend. The reason I want them to offend is because I was offended when I found out that Delegate Carter sleeps on street intersections where she hears that the most crime occur. I personally think that is a job for a male. I’m offended at the age of 17. I’ve been to Think Tank meetings. I go to most of the lectures. I’m the co-chair of the public relations committee, of the zero murder rate movement. Tuesday I hit the streets with Solvivaz. If anyone asked me to be apart of something positive, that could ultimately uplift my people, I would be down for it. The so called “conscious community” have been meeting for 9,10 or 11 years lecturing and educating. I would be a lair if I said that I didn’t learn a ton of information. I also would be lying if I said that I didn’t have fun and I didn’t develop a love for my people that wasn’t present before. I think we are equivalent to the person who goes to school for 10 years to become a doctor and then don’t become one. 10 years and no results! But my point is that it didn’t take 10 years for Jill Carter to come up with the idea, and to put it to action. I can honestly say that, when we were out there didn’t any drugs get sold on that corner. Didn’t anyone get physically abused on that corner! And another thing, the Honorable Ted Smith Jr. hit the streets and never got hit on his head! He hits the streets where homicides just occur! The day it makes the paper is the day hes there! When he goes to the streets he don’t need any special training. He’s going to talk to his brothers and sisters. The Genius Movement is about results! My personal opinion is that our “black leaders” speak what they don’t believe. So to everyone reading this if you want action email me at or the President at Brotha Haki you can email me your # if you still wanna talk. Brotha Haki, you asked what do I wanna see happen. I want to see the brothers and the sisters across Tubman City unite in a harmonious environment. I want to shock the nation and make this a peaceful city. I want to see this city become top 5 safest instead of top 5 dangerous! I am a young brother who believes that this is not impossible. The last thing I’m gonna say is if we are gonna refer to this city as Tubman city, lets do what Harriet would do. Lets go back and get those individuals who are enslaved by there enviroment, the media, ect.

  • nicole

    Hey Brotha Cedric you are truly a Blessing I feel the same. We are officially
    A Team.

  • John B.

    These comments are long. So, I’ll be brief. As a black man inBaltimore, I will admit that there are a number of strong men in this city that I admire and respect. But, the truth is there are more that simply need to Man-Up. Going on the corners at night is not the first time a sista, Jill Carter, appeared to have more balls than most of the men in this city, and ALL of the elected officials. The issue of Illegal Arrests comes to mind–a problem that has far-reaching and long term consequences that have yet to be finally resolved.

  • Heber Brown, III

    Bro. Haki – of course your passion and commitment to Afrikan people is always appreciated. You are a true soldier who contributes much in the way of expressing the need for economic empowerment “Afrika” style – not capitalism – but cooperative economics.

    Bro. Genius Movement – another true soldier who recognizes the urgency of the times. I enjoy serving alongside you and look forward to much more troublemaking before the day of our crucifixion.

    Bro. Cedric – The hope of our people! Continue young brother in the struggle for liberation and social justice. The Ancestors (known and unknown) are with you and God will help to connect you to your comrades on the battlefield.

    John B. – I couldn’t agree more. Jill Carter is a exemplary leader and public servant with a history and trackrecord of standing up for the oppressed and marginalized.

    And of course Sista Nicole – continuing in the legacy of Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Assata Shakur, Ella Baker, Angela Davis etc. etc…stay strong sista – you have strong brothers beside you in battle.

  • Bro Haki

    Bro Heber, If I may, I have been involved with several Cooperative Economic Movements, particularly MATAH of which NO so called progressives after about two to three years of pushing this Cooperative many folk did not jump on board including the Progressive Superstars in Baltimore. Next, There needs to be some serious dailouge with some folk that call themselves Socialists or Progressive Democrats. I’ve been through that. About 6-7 years ago I was actively down with the Uhuru Movement. If anyone would like to know about a REAL Revolutionary group I say find out about the UHURU Movement. Many folk in Baltimore i.e. Tubman City are not connecting to Brothers and Sista’s outside of Baltimore. I haven’t heard anyone speak of the Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement, Uhuru, December 12th. What I theorize is that sometimes folk put out labels such as Communism, but they practice Capitalism and only wish to EXPLOIT the Black community they are called BLACK POWER PIMPS. Cedric, Ted or Heber do you know any Black Power Pimps in Baltimore??? We’ll save that discussion for later. There needs to be a self reliant, self determination Movement. I’ve heard many “Progressive” organizations cry the evils of Capitalism while begging for money from Soros or their 501C3. This is a license to beg. Brother Ted can speak for himself and I do appreciate his work. I think of course if he, yourself or Heber were doing something let the community know. There are various ways to let communities know. I say if anyone wants to reach me about anything I say leave a note at Everyone’s Place or now on this forum, where I spend time studying and gathering intel. If I may also add I’m assuming I will see all of you at Jill Carter’s event on the 3rd of September??? I have lent my support, experience and wisdom to Del Carter to whatever degree I thought would be exceptable to her. I believe much more can be done. I’ve studied politics and have participated in several persons Campaigns over the years and have worked on Del Carter’s first Campaign with Mr. Robert Clay so I’m saying I’ve been around.

    As far as my statement about getting hit over the head. I’m saying this we better be careful. During the 60′s the Black Panther Party had a problem with the Lumpen i.e. the Criminal Element. We have to do something quick about the Gangsta, Thuggish or Lumpen Tendencies of several of our brotha’s and sista’s. I’m saying I read stories of Ministers who were beat up from their mentee’s or persons in their programs. I’m saying you learn overtime how to balance between ones own safety as well as building, organizing and teaching. Some folk due to various means i.e. alcohol, poverty, quality of water, drugs have violent tendencies I say we better adopt a proper Crime Prevention plan along with an Economic Development Plan. Bro Heber the Uhuru Platform said “We demand a Policy of Economic Development vice Police Containment”. Now I guess Economic Development only means when one individual is being Economic Empowerment. Many folk had an inaccurate definition of Economic Development such as Kwame Toure of which many people study. Kwame Toure though insightful was quite limited. Many Black Power advocates are adherrants to his vision. I’ve grown past his theories. I do not disrespect it I just recognize his limitations and analysis. Bro. Heber I think the term you are speaking of is “Bourgiesie Nationalists”. This was spoken of by Dr. Amos Wilson as well as Oba T Shaka and I would encourage everyone reading this if you are serious about Organizing Black people to read and own Blueprint to Black Power as well as Art of Leadership by Oba T. Shaka.
    Even in Mualanga Karenga’s “Intro to Black Studies book he discussed the theory of moving from Capitalism, to Cooperative Economics to Socialism. Now I believe that Black folk can not be personally Economic Dysfunctional, Demoralized, Poverty Induced, Consumer oriented, petty materialistic and irresponsible.

    In closing, We shouldn’t want to build any Personality Cults as in some Black Nationalist Muslim groups i.e. can not study anything or speak outside of the one great speaker and thinker thinks and says. Oba T. Shaka in Art of Leadership speaks of the need to develop organizations that develop people and yes he does speak of living amongst the people to know the peoples struggles.

    Also, I will be having a Black Empowerment Post Election “Detox” Business Opportunity Dailogue. I will have flyers at the Jill Carter event with more info. the day after the election at Everyone’s Place 1356 W. North Ave.

  • Heber Brown, III

    Well said as usual, Bro. Haki! I couldn’t agree with you more about fighting the temptation to “build personality cults”. THE CREATOR has placed a leader in each of us and we’ll make greater strides working together. (We’ll also be more difficult to defeat)

    I’ll see you on the 3rd and look forward to more information about your event.

  • asia

    good and young bro. cedric keep it up and bro. ted continue in the faith people need u in the world this goin become “tubman city”

  • geniusmovement

    Bro. Haki, your analysis is very wise. I think healthy, tough, respectful debate to move our people forward is helpful. Please do not misconstrue this attempt for disrespect. My attempt was to speak to what I see in the conscious community as a whole – not you individually. I respect the work that you have done through the years. Hopefully, I will be working with you after the election and we can collectively work to move our people forward. You made a point about personality cult that I think is interesting. I have never seen any organization that did not have a personality cult. At the Think Tank, there seems to be a personality cult around Darren Muhammad (listen to how someone is spoken of if they love black people but happen to disagree with him) and to a lesser extent David Johnson. At Solvivaz, there is a personality cult around Jabari. The Nation of Islam does great work, but there is a tremendous personality cult. Most black churches have a cult of personality for the pastors in charge that is simply disgusting. I want the name of a church that does not have a cult of personality; every church that I went to as a child had one. I am highly respected among a cadre of young people (because I have touched their lives). I definitely have to fight against their attempts to put me on a pedestal. However, I am one of groups of unknown workers that affect many lives within the city. You do not know about us. We do not share with everybody what we do, but we do it anyway. The young people around me see the people with the loudest voices getting the respect, while some folks that quietly act are not heard. I have been in black nationalist circles, and I do not think like any of them (or even close). Some opinions are simply not heard. I think it is very valuable to engage young people. I have built up respect amongst young people by being accountable to them. The young (even though so many put them down) can see through you if you are not real. I think that in the conscious community we need to engage the young people seriously. I think that we need to also seriously engage the unconscious community. I respect Jill Carter, because I see a lot of these traits within Jill Carter. However, there are unknown others that do the same and hopefully there will be enough someday to cut the homicide rate and the dropout rate. I think that young people should be listened to and have valuable insights to bring to the discussion (THEY ARE NOT LISTENED TO). I am an educator within the BELLY of the BEAST, risking my job to PROPERLY educate my people. I do not go along with the powers that be, and receive hell for it. I mentor young people, raising many as my own. There are others that do the same. I do not ever hear these voices at the discussion. I feel like that if you are an unknown grassroots worker – not shouting to everyone what you do – then you are not listened to. I think that there are other voices within the community – those not normally listened to – that need to be considered. On the one hand, you say do not build a cult of personality, but too often we do not listen to people without titles. Darren Muhammad or David Johnson (titles within the Think Tank), Jabari (Solvivaz title), Carlos Muhammad (title), Pastor (title), Bishop (everybody wants the bigger title) – when are we going to listen to people without titles? Furthermore, when are their opinions going to add to the discussion? With that being said, Bro. Haki, I will support your event after the mayoral election. I should have supported your events with Matah, and I will work to support your efforts in the future. On the other hand, I would like to be supported in my efforts as well.

  • Bro Haki

    Certainly Bro Genius Movement, I appreciate your insights. You are certainly on point on many of your analysis. This is why I have to expand the operations of The Think Tank as well as Soulvivazs. Many of these are close allies so I wouldn’t want to sound as if I’m dissing anyone though sometimes we do not as you expressed give other persons opportunities that rightfully need to be heard. This is why I’m going to have this initial meeting at Everyone’s Place. I’ve been organizing in D.C. as well as in Prince George’s County where black folk are located. Now it is time for me to bring this analysis back to Bmore. It is interesting that no one is known outside of Baltimore. I do not even tell people that I’m going to Prince George’s or to D.C. well a few people do go down at times which is fine, though we need some folk studying in the Libraries of Congess. This takes a think tank and it takes Finances to finances these progress movements. My Black Empowerment Post Election “Detox” Business Opportunity Briefing will be just that a True Solution to both of these organizations and for all Thinking Leaders. I’ve called out since this in my Textbook research and analysis is the BEST Crime Prevention strategy. Of course we have to fight on various fronts though we must be able to Maximally give people Business/Employment Options. As you spoke of Personality Cults this is why I have to preach againsts it. Most organizations i.e. individuals do not study organizations and organizing. There are only a few serious Organizers that are seeking out best practices. This is why Haki Madhubuti’s book Clash of the Races and The Art of Leadership comes in. Oba T. Shaka who Solvivaz did bring here I hope that folk trully read his book it would of course create the dailogue about developing people. We must neutralize this “Charasmatic” leadership. Of course we can be Charismatic though we have to be uplifting and teaching other leaders to be empowered. My efforts have stepped up. I hope to have a radio program myself in the next few months and a few other outreach operations. Thanks Bro Heber for this site. We all need to speak more.

  • Bro Haki

    Also, Part of it is age as well as Capital. Who can finance their voices. Sometimes older folk do not get the necessary attention as others. This is why I will and need to have my own or a “True Collective” radio show for those that want to reach the masses of our people. This is what I’m moving towards on Radio one.

  • Bro Haki

    I wanted to add this. In terms of being known and popular there must in fact be “some” levels of popularity though there also must be Community Outreach and Networking. If I may say this It is my experiences in terms of some of the operations that I have conducted over the years in terms of Networking i.e. showing up on the scene to being accounted for that folk in and around Baltimore do know enough about me or they should. I say they should, If they are serious about Self Development, Empowerment, Uplifting self and community more than likely they’ve come across me somewhere. It is my understanding that many people are “WASTING” alot of valueable time and money walking around and passing out campaign literature in a divided race. Everyone’s in each others camp which is going to dilute the force and cause many people to tone down there message in order to attract more white voters, white money or not to offend white folk. This is why whoever win they feel as though they have to capitulate to white power since there will be some black supporters of the various candidates that are going to be bitter and sore losers and not want to work with whoever the black mayor will be. This “Greed”, “Arrogance” and “Selfishness” on some folk parts. There is no need for Commentary on who if any guilty parties there may be. Everyone seems to say they are the best for the job. According to the Radio one poll this morning Dr. Bundley seems to have had more Radio One listener support. I don’t know what this means for the other candidates though I do know that whoever it is they are going to be more cordial. My studies of Black Mayors throughout history comes from several books that can be found at Everyone’s Place. There are three that thoroughly document the history of Black Mayor’s and their impact. In all the Black Working Class and Poor Blacks do not have nothing coming whoever is in office. Some will fight harder than others though the reality is when I see “Broke” black persons spending time passing out flyers for a particular candidate I think what a waste of time and energy. We have put too much energy into Campaigns and this Campaign particular. Do not want to sound like a spoiler or spoiled sport for those that like the petty attention or the misinformed notion of progress that a so called Black Mayor may mean for the masses. It is an act of futility. Many do not have the scholastic fighting spirit. Some might think that having a Managerial Negro as the Mayor is good. What about Wealth? Ownership? Real Estate? If anyone wants to teach me anything TEACH ME THAT? Teach me how as they are Candidates that they are going to use their influence and capital to build institutions for Black Empowerment. Right now many/most of the current black institutions are just dead, invisible or silent. I’m bringing a broader analysis, A more well thought out approach. It saddens me to see “Broke” Black Activists spending time talking too much about elections. We do not get nothing out of the process except for a pledge for more police. We all have our own Economic interest, is that the best thing we can do. Go to school so we can get a job working for white folk. This is what many Black Candidates teach black people and I have to go behind folk that do not read “IMPORTANT” check this out, One older person in one Campaigns has not even read Ron Walters book, Black Interest/Conservative Public Policy. Now, I do not mean any harm, but Ron Walters just happens to be one of if not thee most informed black Political Analysis well sought after. This is the kind of people we have running around talking about voting. I thank Bro Heber for asking the question to the City Council President about Contracts at Empowerment Temple. The question was “Will or is there any way to be sure that the contracts given by the MBE process do not all go to persons that donated money to her Campaign? Bro Heber this is how folk tend to play the game. It may not be official though CREAM Cash Rules Everything Around Them. Can we all say “K” Street? Can we say Abramoff?

  • Nicole

    Bro Haki, I am less cynical than you. I have not researched and read as many books as you, and I may never get the chance. But, what I do know is that black people have been talking about organizing and building wealth for centuries. We need to do that. But, we cannot wait for that miraculous day to come before we do anything. It is possible to have a mayor NOW who stands for the people, the poorest, and the ones who need the most help. I have not given up on Jill Carter becoming mayor. She has said that she would direct money, resources, and opportunities in this city to the people that have been closed out and who need it the most. I believe her and it is something she can do. Making her mayor is something we can do. It’s not ALL about money. It’s about working and getting people to the polls on September 11 BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! We don’t need money or wealth to do that. We need the will and to stop talking and go to work. If we don’t elect Jill Carter for mayor, it will be our cross to bear.

  • Britney

    I believe in Jill Carter she says whats you means. She is a tropper, she loves the people and we love her right back. I came to the corner and saw her out there in the wee hours of the morning doesn’t that tell you enough.


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