Cop kills unarmed Black Man at Hamilton Park Shopping Center

January 31, 2008

This should’ve been the headline in all the local media today, however, Baltimore’s media is the fourth branch of this city’s government. They wouldn’t dare present the facts as they actually happened.

Here are the facts – an unarmed Black Man was shot at least 4 times by a police officer at the Hamilton Shopping Center around lunch time yesterday.

Local media attempt to soften the reality so that the masses are not riled to revolt. WJZ News’ headline is “Man Killed in Police-Involved Shooting.” Notice that their headline is written in the passive…”Man Killed” separates the action from the murderous actor. “Police-Involved” leaves the door open to the thought that the police were there, but weren’t the ones doing the shooting. (Only the Baltimore Examiner gives this story the appropriate headline.)

Notice similar literary avoidances of the facts in this Baltimore Sun version of the story. (Pay attention to how they follow their headline with a pro-police byline)

Don’t miss the ‘code words’ they use to help the reader to justify murder by this cop. Code words = “drugs” / “officer feared for his safety” / “suspected drugs taken from the man”. The media uses these code phrases to signal to its base readers that they believe that this man deserved to be killed. His murder isn’t anything we should be worried about. He wasn’t deserving of the due process of law. The cop was justified in playing judge, jury, and executioner.

I elaborate on this technique in my post entitled: “Media and Police partner in production of Murderous Propaganda.”

The problem for the police department is that this murder happened around lunch time. There were a lot of witnesses. People were in the Murry’s grocery and the Dollar General Store looking through the glass when the 25 year old Black man was accosted by the cop and then shot 4 times.


The cops have declared war on the Black Man. The question now becomes what will we do?

As you contemplate the answer to that question, enjoy this revolutionary message by Brother KRS. As it is his custom, he speaks truth in this classic: “Sound of da Police“. Don’t miss the lyrics.

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  • Ondrej

    The young man Edward L. Hunt is my family member! He was born a twin in Lynchburg, Va. in April 1980. Attended E.C.Glass High School and participated in sports there. Raised in Church as most all youth in the South with a GOD fearing family. Had a passion for singing, wrote poetry, and LOVED family. Had not found his nitch in life but never will because he chose not to keep beening harassed by the Police. The gun is the last option for and officer of the law! Not the ONLY option which seems to be the case for alot of Baltimore Police. JUSTICE is what the family wants and deserves! You have not seen or heard any of us from Va. his HOME on T.V. or radio airing our PAIN. THE TRUTH IS WHAT WE WANT! THE TRUTH!!!

  • Heber Brown, III

    Thank you Ondrej for your post. I appreciate you painting the picture of who Edward was. Mainstream media up here hasn't done a good job of painting Edward as a human being…I can't even remember a name being released to the public. I will be in touch soon.

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  • Police officer

    police are what keep people honest, and the ones who can't keep their noses clean, will have things happen like what you read above.

    You can bad mouth cops all you want, but that's about all you can do, and remember cops arn't above the law, we are the law.

  • Common Sense

    @ Police Officer,

    What a coward you are. To crawl up in here and say that with out identity is a whorish thing to do. If, as you say you are the law then give your name and badge number and proceed to justify how one of your own shot a unarmed man in the back. You won't because that would go against your cowardly nature. Anyone with a gun AND the backing of the so-called law can be brave.

  • paul H.

    I suggest mr police officer and anyone reading this to do a google search on "unarmed black man shot by police". Only a sociopath could justify the police shootings and torture and murders of unarmed black citizens. I suspect it is exactly what Dr. Bobby Wright calls a "sociopathic racial personality".

    Dr. Wright defined a psychopath as "an individual who is constantly in conflict with other persons or groups. He is unable to experience guilt, he is completely selfish and callous, and he has a total disregard for the rights of others."

    Dr. Wright says Black leaders are reluctant to measure psychopathic traits of the White race in their dealings with Blacks when there is a threat involved.

    Of course, this is more than a threat; this is an undeclared but undeniable war.

    Police departments from the west coast to the midwest to the east coast have declared war on black men (and women and the elderly and even children).

    If we want to understand what is happening, read Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. You can see her videos on or do a search on her name for some of her interviews.

    Once we understand what motivates the white man and the white system to kill black men we will understand why it is happening the way it is happening.

    Do not believe this is simple racism or bad cops. This is DNA-deep in the white psyche.

    Yes, we are at war. What is surprising and distressing to me is how few black people understand (or accept) that this is a fact.

  • im kind of offended

    being a white person with sincere love for all people i believe this to be a broad generalization saying "This is DNA-deep in the white psyche." that probably was the most racist thing i ever heard

  • Tyrone


    People in the black community need to rethink our relationship with the dominant community. The disparity between the two communities is getting wider and wider. Police murder unarmed blacks in the streets and suffer no repercussions while black pastors are demonized for preaching about racial disparity in our communities. Al Shapton become the issue. While a 92 years old black woman is shot in her home by white cops. Who then try to put together a lie to cover up their mistake! WHITE AMERICA IS SILENT! ( BUT THEY CAN SEE DISREPECT IN IRAQ)_Even when the most extreme forms of this discrimination is caught on tape it is dismissed as our fault because we didn’t prostrate ourselves in front of the cop fast enough or the police officer was having a bad day and had to release his frustrations on the black citizen or whatever. A Iraqi prisoner is given more respect then black American citizen! American troops are in prison up to 18 years from disrespect to murder of Iraqi prisoner! We are in danger every time we come out in public from the very people sworn to protect the public. The police and the courts are doing nothing they are paid to do! We are fighting two wars outside our country . But the worse war is right here AMERICAN AGAINST AMERICAN!

  • jose

    I wonder how many blacks kill cops each year.

  • Common Sense

    How many unarmed blacks do cops kill each year? Is that the purpose of the new policy to not list names when a person is killed by a cop? Is it now officially hunting season Jose?? Go crawl back under the slimy rock you escaped from.

  • Terry Wagar

    Watch out Portland, law enforcement in Portland Oregon are known to use body doubles to molest children and they pay those body doubles and provide them new identity's to hide them!

    Authority's M,O, is to use a body double of a person they want to frame and they will use that body double in public places and said double will behave as a pedophile following children.

    They will take pictures of this body double and make flyers with his picture, not a very good picture since there framing someone for the crime.

    They will give there targets discription in the flyer and warn people to be on the watch for this perp.

    After a whole neighborhood has been warned and there targets reputation is destroyed then they will publicly charge that target for a crime there paid for body double commited.

    While incarcerated the authoritys will make it known to fellow inmates that so in so is a pedophile and that they want him dead.

    The prisoners are more than happy to kill what they believe to be a pedophile and know the gaurds will show them favoritism for getting rid of that person.

    Everyone knows pedophiles are murdered behind prison walls and that is why authority's love to frame someone they want dead as a pedophile.

    The mere accusation behind prison walls will get you killed, and who do you think gives people behind prison walls that reputation?

    Authority's even have a name for this type of murder, they call it pedofied, if they want someone dead they pedofy that person by just making the accusation behind there back.

    Authority's don't want people outside of there profession to know they frame people as pedophiles because that means there the pedophiles for committing the crimes themselves.

    It's this easy, you can call your boss a asshole behind his back without him ever knowing about it could you.

    Would that get him killed? no it would not.

    Do you think if you spent 2 or 3 years going around town calling your boss a pedophile that at some point it would destroy his reputation and his job, and even his family?

    Do reputations get people killed?

    Behind prison walls they do and authority's are very mindful of that fact but are closed mouth about it, after all it was someone in authority that put that person there in the first place.

    Everyone use's slang from time to time, and so do authority's, they have there words for things that most people have never heard of before, pedofied is one of there words.

    It is the easyest thing in the world for authority's to hack someones computer and upload child porn on a targets computer for the sole purpose of having one of the family members find it, thus turning that family member against that target and at the same time creating a witness for the state against that target.

    I am a victim of such tactics and authority's are caught in the act on a audio recorder confessing to such crimes and they don't care if I know because there is no one in authority that will hold them criminally liable.

    Authority's don't like witnesses against them so they will destroy there reputation thus destroying there credibility.

    It is a myth that authority's hold themselves accountable to the people or the law.

    Authority's do as they please and murder all they want and it is nothing for them to cover there crimes, they simply refuse to give a shit when officers of the law commit felony's.

    Press felony charges on an officer and watch as nothing happens, same thing with judges, nothing happens.

    Don't you have the protection of the law?

    Don't you have a right to have someone arrested if you back up charges against them?

    According to the law if you back up felony charges on someone then they need to be arrested and given due process.

    If you do not have that right then where did it go?

    If a store can have someone arrested for shoplifting then why cant you have someone in law enforcement arrested if you are a witness and a victim of that officers crime?

    Do we the people have the protection of the law? or are we just subject to it without the protection of it?

    Authority's torture people all the time, some of there abuse's are becoming known to people via such outlets as youtube and such.

    People are slowly starting to wake up to the fact that there really is no laws, just a bunch of enforcers of there system, of which the enforcers are not held liable.

  • Roscoe Coletrain

    Big deal, one less to have to feed.


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