This Pastor will NEVER make the “preacher circuit!”

January 2, 2008

I believe that it was Bro. Sitawi Jahi - a faithful “Faith in Actioner” (regular visitor/supporter of my blog) that first put me on to Pastor Ray Hagins out of St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Ray Hagins

After Jahi put the name out there in the comment section and forwarded me an email, I thought I’d check out this Hagins guy and see what he was all about. It turns out that Hagins isn’t just some guy – he’s a Master Teacher and Conscious Preacher who preaches a challenging message about engaging God, the Bible, and the Christian Faith with “new eyes.”

My seminary journey at Virginia Union and and self-imposed aggressive reading schedule since school has blessed me to be exposed to a healthy portion of what Hagins preaches. He proclaims a challenging and unsettling word that many “sunday morning church folk” would choke on rather quickly. Hagins speaks on the origins of the Bible, Constatine’s impact on the Faith, the Kemetic influence of the scriptures (especially the Old Testament), and many other intriguing topics.

However, I am most impressed with the spirit in which he teaches. After reading about his transition to Afrikan Consciousness, I could tell that he doesn’t teach from a self-righteous posture nor does he engage “sunday morning church folk” in a reckless way as if to attack the presuppositions that they sincerely believe. Like a surgeon, he carefully dissects the theological foundation of his students with the ultimate goal of sewing them back up in a manner that promotes healing.

As a third generation preacher who engages God primarily through the lens of Black Liberation Theology, I recognize that the great mission of any conscious Afrikan servant/leader is to creatively locate strategies, techniques, and opportunities to awaken the sincere sleep-walkers in the sanctuaries and mobilize the giant called The Black Church down the avenues of social justice. Those who hurl “their truths” in insulting ways toward those in the sanctuaries will find that their assault only inspires those in the church to fortify & strengthen the walls against their vicious attacks.

Hagins preaches his “truth” in a way that attracts and even if the hearers disagree, they will at least listen.

Solvivaz Nation is bringing Dr. Ray Hagins to Baltimore for a special lecture on Saturday, January 12, 2008 7 – 10PM at St. Martin Church (2118 Madison Avenue, Baltimore 21217). Hagins will be speaking on the topic “Religion vs. Spirituality.” See the flyer below for more details. To get your tickets visit Reality Speaks Bookstore. I’ve also posted a youtube video for you to get a taste of Hagins’ presentation.

Pastor Ray Hagins in Baltimore Jan 12 08 flyer

  • Rev. C. Solomon

    My compliments to Bro. Sitawi Jahi, and to you for having the nerve to bring ministers like Pastor Ray Hagins to center stage, in deference to some of our ‘the church is a franchise, get rich off of the church-members celebrity ministers’.

    I have also been challenging Christians and pastors in my own writings and sermons over the past decade, “even my own American Capitalist Church Syndrome” sermon for one, see, who have continuously referred to Constantine’s canon as the ‘unadulterated word of God’., and used it to make themselves wealthy and powerful

    The sacrosanct ‘holy writ’ of too many of our divergent and competing religious institutions in the world, not just the canon, has helped to create a hopelessly divisive atmosphere, and to perpetuate sectarianism. The canon that we use and describe as a definitive source is not above reproach, and most Christian minister aren’t willing to capitulate, and admit that the canon is flawed and error prone – even the one’s who know better!

    I have neither heard Pastor Hagins preach nor teach, however, I suspect that he is elucidating what more and more the spirit appears to be saying, that if God’s elect are going to move to the next level they are going to have to extend themselves beyond 2000 year old paradigms and Constantine’s canon.

    Similar to Galileo and Copernicus of years gone by who were confirmed later to be correct, it appears that some members of the scientific community are about to overtake many of today’s institutionalized religious organizations and teachers, in order to bring clarity to the mysteries of God. Some members of the scientific community, many who were formerly atheists, confess to having discovered a God equivalent/unifying principal/ sovereignty during unrelated scientific research.

    Some have confessed that what they keep running into must be related to the God, which religious groups have only narrowly defined. I have portended that our scientists will likely overtake us and turn out be God’s premier prophets in the new millennia, while too many ministers, imams, clerics, priests…, persist in self-perpetuating, self-preserving and self serving organized religious organizations, rehashing partial and primitive understandings of what might they believe to be truth!

    Frankly, Jesus promised that ‘after his departure, paracletos’ would guide Christians into all truth. Christians are more dependent on a canon that is composed of codices, some allegorical, poetical and mystical, and that have often been misused. And, we know that some of these codices, barely, by vote, made into the canon; and other codices that perhaps should have been included in the ‘unadulterated word of God’ were left out! The outspoken Rev. Solomon will add that a couple of decades ago the spirit revealed that future ministers in the forefront, would be there in lieu of the ministers who should be in the forefront; and I have lived to see that come true.

    Here is a question that I frequently ask pastors: Would Paul have ever conceived of his letters having ever been considered scripture, or included along with scripture?

    Having said that, this story isn’t about me; keep up the good work Pastor Hagins.

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  • Somethingtothinkabout

    What are the academic credentials of this so called Doctor?

    Why does Mr. Hagins claim that there is “King Alfred Plan” when it is actually only fiction. (“The Man Who Cried I Am,” written by John A. Williams in 1967.)

    Why would a self-professed man of God make up “facts?”


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