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February 19, 2008

Hey folks,

Faith in Action is on Mondays at 1PM now on Spirit 1400AM. The signal strength on Sunday night wasn’t strong enough to encourage a large listening audience.

The first Monday afternoon show was yesterday and it was great. There was greater energy and some great calls during the To The Point segment. Rev. Scott Adams and I hosted the program. We opened the phone lines to talk about the issue involving the former minister of music at Bethel AME Church who was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 12 year old member of the congregation. I didn’t really want to engage this issue in isolation so we discussed it from a broader perspective of what can we learn from this extremely troubling experience. What safety precautions should Black Churches employ to minimize the possibility of sexual/physical/emotional exploitation and violation in the congregation? Many great ideas were shared during that segment.

We then went on to to talk to Derrick Compton, Sr. (Baltimore Dry Out Initiative) and Steve Fogleman (Chair, Baltimore City Liquor Board). It’s nothing new to those local to Baltimore that there are about as many liquor stores in the Black Community as there are churches. Many communities struggle with poverty, crime, poor educational options, etc. and the presence of liquor establishments only compound those issues. What steps can concerned citizens take to deal with troublesome liquor stores? What steps can residents take to remove these establishments from their community altogether? These questions were answered during the latter half of the program.

Like I said – a great show all around. To listen to the show check out the media player on the right of the screen. It’ll also be up on itunes soon as well.

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