March 7, 2005 – March 7, 2008 / Faith in Action is 3!…and done?

April 3, 2008

March 7, 2005. That’s when I started this blog and three years later I’m still here writing, reading, reacting, and acting on my conviction that God demands that I express my Faith in tangible ways – whether that be through direct outreach/charity or advocacy/justice.

I’m not sure what the average life of a blog is, but three years blogging has to be like “dog years.” I feel like I’ve been writing for a looong time.

As of late, my blogging has slowed considerably. With a number of new and existing projects on my plate, I’ve not had the energy and to be honest sometimes the interest to put pen to pad…or in this case fingertips to keyboard. Like my friend Vegan Momma – who has also been blogging for three years – I may be suffering from “blog burnout.”

It’s not that I don’t recognize the value of a blog anymore. Lord knows there are some stories that I’ve covered and some buttons that were pushed via this blog that weren’t touched in mainstream media. There are a lot of people dropping their anchor on this space. (at least for 2m 10sec a pop according to Feedburner) And while we’ve finally topped 100 subscribers to this blog (106 to be exact) and more than 130,000 page loads (including the now defunct blogger version of FIA) there are only a faithful few who regularly drop in and donate their 2 cents. (Thanks Rev. C. Solomon!, Asante Bro. Jahi!, Thanks Ben!)

Over the course of this three year journey, I seem to have developed quite an aversion to what Paulo Friere calls “verbosity.” Talking just to hear one’s self talk. Since I really turned up my social activism involvement; I’ve realized that most folks are just talk. It’s like people are standing at the edge of the pool of radical social change, yet afraid to cannonball into the water. So in an attempt to fein courageous they dip their toes in proving to themselves and others that they aren’t afraid to get their feet wet. I’ve met a lot of people in this category. I love them, but I can’t allow them to take up too much of my time anymore and I can’t always heed their cautionary advice when I share with them the latest radical thought that God downloads in my spirit. And this blog – with all these words – sometimes gets on my nerves! I’ve spent so much energy writing…talking! It makes me wonder: Am I a “toe dipper” too!? So these days I’m spending far more time and energy on only a handful of projects – a select few. (mentoring, radio show, closing liquor stores, organizing clergy) While I stay in the loop of a lot that’s going on – I can’t give everything my energy because truth be told most of the meetings that I was attending were gatherings where nobody in the room had any intention of living up to the big, bad, revolutionary talk they were yapping about. As my boy, Eze would say – they were just bumping them gums.

So where does that leave this blog?

Good question.

I don’t know. I’m throwing around a couple of ideas that could keep this thing going. Lord knows that letting this space drift off into that big blogger heaven in the sky would feel like losing a good friend. And being that my family says that I don’t have any friends as it is – losing this blog would put me in a really bad spot. (Et tu’ Brute’)

So – let me let this marinate for a minute. I’m going to continue to research and explore some options. Posting may slow down temporarily so please subscribe (don’t forget to verify once the confirmation email is sent to your inbox) so you can be notified when I just have to get something out. (But expect a lot of photos, vids, and youtube in the meantime)

To The Streets!

  • Rev. C. Solomon

    Whatever you decide to do, you have done a yeoman’s job. I couldn’t understand for the life of me why others were not responding more often. I tried to be controversial a few times when I wrote in, hoping that it would get some others to respond. I pray that I did not drive anyone away!

    Frankly, you remind me of Jesus. When he started his ministry, the crowds followed him. However, when the miracles stopped, and he explained to his disciples that they needed to take a bite of the flesh themselves, many of them departed. And of course by the time that he was hung on the crosses, the masses had all departed.

    In fairness to some, I am at home and on the computer most of the day, making it a whole lot easier for me to blog. Perhaps a long sabbatical or respite, one that will give you time to decide is what is in order for now. However and whatever you decide to do, I know that what you have been doing has been a blessing to a lot of people – especially me – and that God is saying well done!

    And for the rest of us, we will behave as the disciples did after Jesus explained: Let not your heart be troubled.., because he was going away to prepare something even better, we will say, ‘did not our hearts burn while he was with us!

    Peace & grace!

  • Heber Brown, III

    Wow. A Jesus comparison? Extremely humbling, Rev. I am striving, however, to live a life pleasing in His sight. I’ve got a long way to go, but if this blog in some way helps me reach the mark then praise God!

    I’m going to experiment with some things and most likely will do a big relaunch in the Fall. Summertime isn’t a heavy traffic time on the net so I’ll do major renovations, perhaps add a few authors, and we’ll keep this train going. I just think it’s too valuable to just stop altogether.

    As always I appreciate your encouragement and will continue to direct people to your blog for great content as well. (

    Stay on the wall!

  • Opal Tribble – Vegan Momma

    I took a break for a little over a month I’m slowly getting back into writing on Vegan Momma and my other blogs at the moment I’m still not sure what path I want to take with Vegan Momma it seems that I need to do more, perhaps focus on some type of outreach but at the moment I’m still thinking.

    I like what you’ve done with your blog as far as the design and you know I always enjoy reading what you have to say and occasionally hearing you on the radio. :-)

  • Angela Braden

    Pastor Brown: Thank you so much for sending me this.
    It seems that no one is pleased with my pending decision to stop posting on my blog. I’ve only shared this thought with a few people in my inner circle, a couple of best friends, my sisters, my mother, and now you. Each of you have had the same kind of response.
    Perhaps I will follow your example and slow down, take a break, and come back and revisit the blog in a month or two.
    I know that my blog is important to the web. While there is a lot of bloggers with disabilities out there, there are hardly none that are black and disabled. That in itself makes my blog unique and much needed in our community.
    However, I’ve grown a little tired and the passion to write has left me. Plus, personal disclosure is starting to concern me as I move into a more public place in my life.
    I teach at a local college here in Houston. I’m starting to speak more at churches and organizations. I’m beginning to wonder how my blog, which has some pretty “Angie B.” content on there will go over with those that will be critical of my work and my stance on issues.
    Plus, I’m just burned out. It’s as simple as that. For some reason, my passion to visit my favorite blogs, Faith in Action, Skeptical Brotha, and Field Negro, has even slipped away from me. And the drout that is occuring over at Skep’s site has really left me feeling weary. This is no reflection on you, but I think that I am tired of all the talking, perspective sharing, opinion making, and side-line criticism that goes on at certain blogs. (Not yours, of course… I know that you are busy working. But there are others that make me wonder if they are just yacking and not actually working.)
    Brotha, what you have encouraged me to do is to post a statement on my blog, alerting all of those who happen to read that I’m going to take a break for the rest of the summer. During that time, I will pray and consider God’s will for this matter. And I promise to keep you updated.
    God bless you, Heber. I wish that God continue to keep you in the palm of His hand.
    Your sister in Christ,

    And if I leave blogging, my presence on the internet will not go away. I will soon have up and running. You’ll be able to find me that way.
    And by the way, I’m glad that you made a decision to stay with us. **hugs**


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