Son of Bishop T.D. Jakes Arrested in Sex Sting

February 17, 2009

Jermaine Jakes

Jermaine Jakes, the 29 year old son of Bishop TD Jakes of international televangelist fame, was arrested in early January for indecent exposure. Mainstream media is reporting that on January 3, 2009, Dallas police officers were working undercover in a city park after receiving complaints of sexual activity going on there after dark. Jakes and some friends arrived and made their way to a wooded area in the park. The undercover officers followed them and the police report alleges that Jakes turned, faced them with his genitals exposed, and proceeded to pleasure himself while making eye contact with one of the undercover officers. He was detained at the scene and released on his own recogniscence.

First, let me say that I truly am praying for the Jakes family at this time. As a PK (Preacher’s Kid), I am well aware of the ultra bright spotlight that is cast upon the Pastor’s Family including her/his children. It is a dynamic that can put undue pressure on the PK to live up to the standard of expectation placed upon them by the very public life of their pastoring or ministering parent. I cannot imagine what Jermaine is feeling at this time. His family is not “just another pastor’s family.” The stage that they are on is so vast, that I’m sure he is hearing it and has heard it from all corners of the globe. There are no small mistakes at that level of christian celebrity. In response, His parents have done what you would expect any parents of adult children to do. They are publicly standing by their son -as they should – even while acknowledging their displeasure with his actions.

That said, I think there are a number of ways that this unfortunate situation can turn out to be a help for the Body of Christ. We can springboard as a Faith Community off of this specific incident into meaningful discussion around issues that in the long run may prove to help us along our collective spiritual journey.

First, some media outlets are reporting that Jermaine Jakes is Bishop TD Jakes STEPSON! Of that, I had no idea. I certainly respect the Jakes family’s right to privacy, however, at the same time, knowing that there are millions of Blended Families (what used to be called “step-families) in this country; I wonder why Bishop Jakes has not to this point devoted more attention to this family dynamic. Not suggesting that he needs to address every issue out there, but this one is close to heart and home for him. Blended Families encounter a number of issues during the process of coming together and being together that can at times put tremendous strain on all involved. It takes work to make a Blended Family work! I speak from experience as a member of a Blended Family. With all that Bishop Jakes’ ministry has done in the area of family/relationships, I’m fairly confident that he would have much to contribute if he chose to devote some ministry focus to this issue.

Second, this specific incident presents yet another opportunity to address healthy sexuality founded on spiritual understanding. In a culture that is saturated with sex, I am of the opinion that our society needs appropriate and safe avenues to process what they are being programmed into embracing. A couple of years ago rapper, Killer Mike & Big Boi, released a song called A.D.I.D.A.S. – “All Day I Dream About Sex.” That’s no surprise. Sex is everywhere! And I am of the opinion that safe avenues for spiritually grounded counsel and support needs to be everywhere as well…and not just for our youth, but for adults too. (Ask Ted Haggard)

Finally, The Dallas Voice is reporting that the two undercover officers were male and that this actually was an undercover, gay-sex sting. Of course, this raises the well-worn issue of homosexuality and the church. If this report by the Dallas Voice is accurate and Jermaine Jakes is homosexual or trying to find resolve in his sexuality; it presents an opportunity for the church to revisit this issue. The goal in revisiting the issue could be broadened and probably should be broadened. For too long, the conversation has focused squarely around whether or not people believe that the Bible condones or forbids homosexual relations. But perhaps, if we change the question and make it one that asks, “On what terms or in what ways should the church and the gay community be in relationship with one another?” That moves beyond the combatant posture and forces all involved to dare imagine how we might be in community with one another, despite our differences, under the gaze of an Almighty God who created us all. Jermaine Jakes being in the middle of all of this actually presents an opportunity for the more malicious voices, in the church especially, to reconsider the presentation of their perspective, unless those voices find no tension in demonizing the son of America’s Best Preacher (according to Time Magazine). The vitriol must be checked on all sides if we are to make meaningful strides in this area.

Again, while unfortunate to say the least, the arrest of Jermaine Jakes presents an opportunity for the Christian Faith Community to grow – that is if we make swift departure from what has been our customary practice (a practice that is shared by other Faith communities as well) of quickly sweeping these types of things under the rug. My prayer is that we begin to deal with the elephants in the room and there is no better time to begin than right now.

  • Miss CEO

    I really admire Bishop Jakes for standing by his son while also showing he does not condone his actions. He is a class act and I will keep him and his family in my prayers.

    • Prophetess Sharon Wimbush

      Hello Bishop Jake and, Family I were interveiwing the illigation toward your Son I’m a Private Investigator. I would like to say that What Charge were you son under and, why did the Police arrest him under the charge Of Sex indent while they were in private investigation undercover. You all be bless. I will contincely to pray for your son and, keep beleiving that God will answer your pray and, save your son.

  • Nat Turner

    What an unfortunate incident for Jermaine Jakes and his family. From the first reports I read, I initially thought that the young man was a minor, but at the age of 29, he is an adult several times over, and therefore he should be responsible for his own actions and the consequences of them. Of course since he has a name and a mega personality in the person of his father attached to it, the media's eye will be closely watching what happens. I agree with your assessment of homosexuality and the black church. This is the 500lb pink elephant sitting on the deacons row in our churches. Does the church lack the compassion to embrace and support those who have identified themselves as gay or lesbian? I watched the Ted Haggard story on HBO a couple of weeks ago and said to myself, wow, this man struggled with his sexuality all of his life, was in the place of "power and promise", but felt helpless and was so scared of being ostracized that he could never reach out for help or validation.

  • John Milton Wesley


    My prayers go out to Bishop Jakes and his family as they weather this storm of public scrutiny. My prayers also go out for Jermaine as he wrestles with his personal failures which have brought him to this weakened state in his life. I say weakened state because if the desire to follow his chosen lifestyle has so weakened him that he would risk embarassing both of his fathers (God and Bishop Jakes) by acting out in public then he is and his fathers are under attack. Still our God always takes advantage of what was meant for evil, and makes it good. He will do the same with this.

    Jermaine's relationship with Bishop Jakes and his family will take a new turn. The triumph over this unfortunate situation will play out in Jermaine's testimony still to come. Bishop Jakes light is not dimmed by this, in fact it will be made brighter becuase we egt to see a man of God handle an attack of a member of his family, not by police but by "unseen powers". If you have not been attacked by "unseen powers",just wait.

    HOpefully, we will revisit our own closets and and ask Gods for help in ridding ourselves of the secrets we hide, fight back against our own personal demons and weaknesses. We will thank God more for sanity, and self-control,and for protecting us from ourselves, our lusts, covetousness, greed, failure to tithe, lack of faith and soft prejudices.

    For heterosexuals, we can take no sanctuiary in not being gay for it gives us no special access to grace, forgiveness, or blessings. Our weaknesses are not Jermaine's but they are weaklnesses just the same for which we like Jermaine must continuously seek forgiveness,grace and redemption.

    John Milton Wesley

    • forgiven2

      Amen, Mr. Wesley!

      I truly agree with you and yes, those unseen powers are real. I've been there before, but not of the same circumstance as Jermaine. Weall have those weaknesses and personal demons as you said. Alot of people won't admit to them, but you are so write. All was well written.

  • Rev. C. Solomon

    This unfortunate incident, if true, reminds me of the sons of Eli, and those reported upon occasions where they engaged in sexual deviance and debauchery with female members of the early church prototype. Clearly, this is nothing new.

    Many times preacher's kids suffer unfairly due to parental neglect …, among other things. Let's face it, many times their parents 'belong to the incumbent parish', and at the same time extreme demands are placed upon the children, by the parents, to comport themselves!

    Sadly, similar to children of politicians, there is an image to maintain and the emotional and developmental needs of the children are often neglected. The latter often prevents preachers kids from developing in a normal fashion!

    This should represent a wake up call to all of us who have been called into service and have children!

  • Angie


    This is the thoughtful commentary that drew me here to your blog years ago. Well written, careful analysis, compassionate, and thought provoking… Very good, sir.

    I'll reserve my opinions on this matter in a private e-mail. :)

    BTW: Jermaine is indeed Bishop's stepson. But most would never know it. He makes know difference with his stepsons, which are the oldest sons, than the younger children, the two daughters and the youngest son. Of course, this is my observation.

    I'll hit you up probably tomorrow. Oh, I'm also going to send this to a few people to get their feedback.

    Peace to you.


  • aulelia

    It's unfortunate.

    But everyone makes mistakes. I am sure they can all move on.

  • Tyrone Keys

    Believe it or not Jakes and his family are humans just like the rest of us. They are sin and mistake prone. I am not defending his actions but people must stop diefying this preachers. Take away the jets, books and mega churches and they are us. I'm praying for the family.

  • Evangelist Kay

    Bishop Jakes Iam praying for your family. God is able to fix it Jermaine is your seed he will give a testimony.Keep on standing by your son

  • Shirley

    Bishop Jake this is a testing time ,I know the devil has a short time and he like using preachers kids But in the name of Jesus i command him 2 take his hand off ur son in Jesus mighty nameand i plea Gods Blood even now.AMEN.And i call it DONE.

  • vince

    A lack of sanctification leads to this type of activity and sin. There is NO preaching of sanctification any more what it can do in the life of the believer.

  • pastor Ayodele

    my bishop God be with you

  • James K. Kortu

    The son has his own question to answer before God. The father has done everything possible to bring him up. Was this Bishop Jakes? No his son. Yes it has impact on the father and ministry but this does not put the Bishop in the shoe his son wears. God bless you Bishop, that’s the work of the enemy, he has done this!

  • Theadoris

    Just as Bishop Jakes has assisted a number of us through God’s word, I am more than positive that there is a word for he and his family in the line of blessings and making it through this challenging situation. May God continue to bless he and his family always in all ways. Love in Christ and thank God for such a man that God has sent to deliver his word to us. Rainey

  • PPG

    I will offer up more prayers for Bishop Jakes and his family. This is the work of the devil. But, I know TDJ will overcome. God will bring him through. These things are done to test our faith in the Almighty. TDJ is truly ‘A Man of God’ Blessings


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