Do you think ONE Jewish Synagogue or Jewish Organization is going to endorse Black Pastor, C. Anthony Muse for U.S. Senate?

February 20, 2012

Do you think ONE Jewish Synagogue or Jewish Organization will donate dollars to the Senator C. Anthony Muse campaign?

Do you think ONE Jewish Rabbi or Rabbi Alliance will contact the local Jewish media outlets to tell them they’re putting their support behind someone outside of their community?

Do you think that if the Jewish Community had to choose between someone reared in their community, grounded in their culture, and in full embrace of their values AND someone who was outside of their community without those characteristics; that they would choose the person outside of their community?

If not…then someone please explain this to me.

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  • David Muhammad

    Thats easy if the Interdenominational ministerial alliance (African American Pastors)of the group would like the keep favor with the city of Baltimore they must support who the city favors. There is no allegiance to our race or the common people if we had a member of our race in the seat we could convince him/her to come around to the views of the race or vote in a way to further our agenda. Do we have an agenda? I know the Mr. Cardin and his race and people have one.


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